Henry's Hat Collection


Dive into a heartwarming story about learning to be yourself.
Henry the fish loves his hats. But there’s only one problem – every time he wears one, people say it’s not right. Winter hats don’t belong at the beach, and you can’t wear a chef’s hat to a birthday party! But luckily, Henry’s mom is here to teach him a valuable lesson about what really matters…

Join Henry the fish as he learns an important lesson about being yourself and discovering that who you are inside is so much more important than the hat you wear. An ideal bedtime story for children ages 3-5, kids will love reading about Henry and all the delightful fish inside!

Book details:

Perfect for all ages, especially 3-5
Teaches a valuable lesson about being yourself
Uses lovely illustrations to bring this watery world to life
Ideal as a bedtime story, for group readings, or for passing the time
With colorful illustrations and all the magic of the sea, Henry’s Hat Collection makes a brilliant read that kids won’t soon forget. So if you want to teach your child about individuality, then this book is for you!

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