Ninja in the Light


She thought nothing would happen, it's daylight outside. Only in her wildest dreams would the Ninja be able to strike again...
Boom. Crash. This isn't dreamland anymore. Adventure awaits and Investigation is fully underway!
Multiple booms and crashes lead to stickiness? How does that make any sense? Following the crumbled, sticky candy wrappers, Ashley finds herself on a path of half-eaten clues. Can she place the half-eaten clues together to find the bigger unanswered questions?
Investigate 101- starts now.

Ashley’s tool bag includes: jar set complete with tweezers, critically thinking while placing clues in chronological order, and band-aids to piece evidence back together. Figuring out the clues is essential to solving this crime!

Everyone knows that there’s only one real ninja, and he doesn’t need to wait for the cover of night. He is… the ninja in the light!

Does Ashley have the right tools and enough time to finally catch the ninja in the…

With captivating illustrations and a unique story that will keep kids excited to the very last page, this book will have your child looking forward to bedtime every night!

Book Details:

Best sequel to Ninja in the Night.
Perfect for all ages, especially 5-10
Inspires Critical Thinking
Stimulates young minds to look at the bigger picture
A Hilarious story promoting and recapturing the creativeness and fun vibe of Ninja in the Night
Ideal For Bedtimes, Group Reading, Story Times, Reading Aloud, and More!
And a Great Present For Birthdays, Stocking Stuffers, Holidays and Other Special Events
The Ninja in the Light makes a brilliant addition to your bookshelf – and whether you need a new story to help your kids fall asleep, make a long road trip more bearable, or simply share quality time together, this book is for you!

Buy now to continue the adventure!