Ninja in the Night


When Michael is startled awake by what he thought to be his dream, he quickly realizes his reality is no longer a dream. Did you see what he just saw? Did Michael just see a cookie-stealing ninja?

Michael has a secret. Rubbing the eye gunk out of his sleepy eyes, while his family still sleeps- Michael’s eyes do a double-take as he racks his brain for what he just saw.

Where are the COOKIES?!

Michael’s favorite dessert is cookies. Ya know- the soft, chewy cookie that holds the perfect amount of chocolate chips in every bite? Those cookies lead to a boom and crash leading Michael straight to the kitchen. Now he finds himself left with questions and a hungry belly.
Wait one minute.
Who is this mysterious shadow in the night? What are they after? And why is the kitchen such a mess?

Micheal’s secret reaches new heights and he’s desperate to solve the mystery! Join Michael's adventure in hunting for clues, asking questions, and exercising critical thinking skills.

With delightful illustrations, the Ninja in the Night will keep them captivated with every page as this lighthearted and playful tale unfolds.

Book details:

Perfect for all ages, especially 5-10
Inspires Critical Thinking
Stimulates young minds to look at the bigger picture
A comical lighthearted story which is great for winding down at bedtime
And a story that kids will ask for again and again!
So if you’re in need of a delightful and memorable story about mysterious cookie-stealing ninjas, then this book is for you!
Don't forget about the Ninja in the Night Sequel... Ninja in the Light!

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